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The Bronx personal injury lawyers at Friedland & Associates champion just causes independent of economic backgrounds or community stature. Their team, built on a foundation of aggressive representation, remains steadfast in their pursuit of justice.

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An Overview of the Kingsbridge Neighborhood

Kingsbridge is a residential neighborhood nestled in the northwest part of the Bronx, New York City. Defined by Major Deegan Expressway or Bailey Avenue to the east, Manhattan College Parkway to the north, West 230th Street to the south, and Irwin Avenue to the west, it is a blend of historic charm and modern-day vibrancy.

In addition to Kingsbridge, there’s Kingsbridge Heights, another residential area located in the northwest Bronx. Both neighborhoods share similarities in their geographic positioning and residential nature, providing a warm and friendly environment for their inhabitants.


Key Attractions in the Kingsbridge Neighborhood

  • Kingsbridge Social Club: An authentic Italian dining experience, this spot offers a taste of Italy right in the heart of the Bronx.
  • Bronx Alehouse: A bar with a local vibe, it is known for its selection of craft beers and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Riverdale Diner: A traditional diner serving classic American dishes, it’s a favorite among locals for its hearty meals and friendly service.


Statistics for the Kingsbridge Neighborhood

  • Population: Kingsbridge boasts a population of approximately 77,016 residents, reflecting its status as a bustling community.
  • Area: Covering an area of 80 hectares, Kingsbridge offers ample space for residential and commercial establishments.
  • Location: Positioned just 4 miles from the edge of Westchester and roughly 6 miles from Upper Manhattan, Kingsbridge offers strategic accessibility.
  • ZIP Codes & Area Codes: With ZIP Code 10463 also encompasses various area codes, including 718, 347, 929, and 917, reflecting its expansive telecommunication network.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Kingsbridge Neighborhood

  • What are the boundaries of Kingsbridge?

Kingsbridge is demarcated by Manhattan College Parkway to the north, the Major Deegan Expressway or Bailey Avenue to the east, West 230th Street to the south, and Irwin Avenue to the west.

  • Is Kingsbridge a residential or commercial area?

Kingsbridge primarily serves as a residential neighborhood, though it also hosts a variety of commercial establishments, adding to its charm and utility.

  • How does Kingsbridge compare to Kingsbridge Heights?

While both are residential neighborhoods in the northwest Bronx, they have different boundaries. Kingsbridge Heights is bordered by Van Cortlandt Park to the north, highlighting its proximity to green spaces.

Kingsbridge, a vibrant neighborhood in the Bronx, offers its residents a unique blend of historical resonance and modern conveniences. From Italian eateries to traditional diners, there’s something for everyone. As you consider making this neighborhood your home or simply exploring it, remember that if legal assistance is ever needed, particularly concerning personal injuries, Friedland & Associates, with their dedicated team of Bronx personal injury lawyers, is ever-ready to assist.

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