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Friedland & Associates is a distinguished law firm that stands as a beacon of excellence in the legal arena. Their unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch legal services in both State and Federal Courts is evident in their diligent approach to managing litigation matters. At the very heart of their mission is a dedication to serving the community and their esteemed clientele.

The team at Friedland & Associates holds the principles of the legal system in high esteem, ensuring that the rights of individuals are guarded vigilantly. They are staunch advocates of the jury system, a mechanism that offers aggrieved parties the right to seek justice in court. As leading Bronx personal injury lawyers, their focus is always on championing just causes and representing individuals, devoid of any economic biases or societal standings.

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An Overview of the Norwood Neighborhood

Norwood, often referred to as Bainbridge, is a bustling working-class residential enclave nestled in the northwest Bronx, New York City. The neighborhood is bordered by iconic landmarks such as Van Cortlandt Park and Woodlawn Cemetery to the north, with the Bronx River flowing to its east and the Mosholu Parkway stretching to its southwest.


Key Attractions in the Norwood Neighborhood

  • Nicky’s Coffee Shop Inc: A favorite amongst the locals, Nicky’s is renowned for serving delectable breakfast options, making it the perfect spot to kick-start your day.
  • Sal’s Pizzeria: A staple in Norwood, Sal’s offers a tantalizing array of pizzas, guaranteeing a flavor-packed treat for every pizza aficionado.
  • Happy Dragon: This Chinese restaurant stands as a testament to authentic Asian flavors, ensuring a delightful culinary experience for its patrons.


Statistics for the Norwood Neighborhood

  • Population: The Norwood neighborhood boasts a diverse population, with a count of 49,381 residents.
  • Real Estate: Predominantly an urban region, Norwood’s real estate landscape comprises mainly small-sized residences, including studio apartments.
  • Diversity: The neighborhood’s demographic composition is a rich blend, with 55.6% identifying as Hispanic or Latino, 13.8% as Black, 11.5% as White, and 9.9% as Asian.
  • ZIP Code: Residents and businesses in Norwood primarily use ZIP code 10467.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Norwood Neighborhood

  • Is Norwood a safe neighborhood?

While safety can vary in any urban area, Norwood is generally regarded as a community where residents feel a sense of belonging. As always, it’s essential to stay aware and informed about one’s surroundings.

  • What public transport options are available in Norwood?

Norwood is well-connected through public transport, with several bus routes and subway lines ensuring easy commutes to various parts of the city.

  • Are there educational institutions in Norwood?

Yes, Norwood is home to various schools, ensuring educational opportunities for its young residents. As always, it’s crucial to research and find the best fit for individual needs.

Norwood, a cornerstone in the Bronx, offers its residents an eclectic mix of urban living infused with a sense of community. From culinary delights to scenic parks, the neighborhood ensures a balanced life for its inhabitants. For those seeking legal representation, especially in personal injury cases, Friedland & Associates stands ready as a trusted ally, advocating fiercely for justice.

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