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Friedland & Associates is a premier legal firm renowned for delivering exceptional legal services through a strategic approach to litigation in both State and Federal courts. Emphasizing their commitment to the community and clients, they champion the foundational tenets of the legal system, asserting the importance of safeguarding legal rights.

Their dedication to the jury system ensures that aggrieved individuals can seek redress in court. As Bronx personal injury lawyers, the firm stands resolute, advocating for justice irrespective of one’s economic status or community standing, signifying a team-driven pursuit of justice via proactive representation.

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An Overview of the Parkchester Neighborhood

Parkchester, located in the heart of the Bronx, New York City, stands as a meticulously planned community originally designed and developed by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. The broader surrounding area derives its moniker from this iconic complex, reflecting the influence and stature of Parkchester within the Bronx.


Key Attractions in the Parkchester Neighborhood

  • Parkchester’s Landscaped Gardens: Nestled within 129 acres, these gardens showcase the meticulous planning and design that went into creating this community. They offer residents and visitors a serene environment to relax and connect with nature.
  • Retail Outlets: The complex boasts over 100 retail outlets, making it a shopping hub and providing residents with a variety of shopping options right at their doorstep.
  • Local Restaurants: Parkchester stands out for its culinary delights with restaurants like “Fish & Chips” for seafood lovers, the trendy “Evo Cocktail Lounge” for those looking to unwind, and “Taqueria Tlaxcalli” offering authentic Mexican flavors.


Statistics for the Parkchester Neighborhood

  • Population: The population of Parkchester stands at over 40,358. This figure indicates a vibrant community with a mix of cultures and backgrounds.
  • Area: Spanning a vast area of 125 hectares, Parkchester is spacious and well laid out, offering residents ample space for recreation and living.
  • ZIP Codes: Parkchester predominantly falls under ZIP Code 10462. However, smaller sections lie within 10460 and 10461, marking its expansive geographical footprint.
  • Retail Presence: With over 100 retail outlets, Parkchester is not just a residential haven but also a commercial hotspot, driving economic activity in the area.


The Frequently Asked Questions About the Parkchester Neighborhood

  • What’s the history behind Parkchester?

Parkchester has its origins as a planned community, conceptualized and developed by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, reflecting a blend of modern urban planning and community-driven design.

  • Which community district does Parkchester belong to?

Parkchester is an integral part of Bronx Community District 9. Its location within multiple ZIP Codes signifies its significance and expanse within the Bronx.

  • How accessible is Parkchester?

Parkchester enjoys excellent connectivity. Whether one opts for the subway, bus, or train, reaching this neighborhood is convenient, ensuring residents and visitors experience hassle-free commutes.

Parkchester, a gem in the Bronx, embodies the spirit of community living with its planned layout, myriad attractions, and rich history. As one navigates through its landscaped gardens or shops at the bustling retail outlets, the essence of Bronx living becomes palpable. And for those seeking legal representation in the area, especially in personal injury cases, Friedland & Associates stand as a beacon of trust and excellence, always ready to serve the Parkchester community.

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