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Westhaven Heights

Westhaven Heights

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An Overview of the Westhaven Heights Neighborhood

Nestled in the vibrant city of Hialeah, Florida, Westhaven Heights epitomizes the urban neighborhood archetype, characterized by its significant population density. It holds a unique charm, presenting a melange of real estate properties that predominantly consist of midsize homes, which are competitively priced, offering choices for various demographics.


Key Attractions in the Westhaven Heights Neighborhood

  • Real Estate Diversity: The Westhaven Heights area offers an eclectic mix of real estate options. The homes primarily range from midsize to larger properties, ensuring a fit for diverse buyers.
  • Vibrant Community Living: The neighborhood thrives with a bustling community, facilitated by the presence of several amenities, making it ideal for both families and singles.
  • Convenient Location: Positioned in the heart of Hialeah, Westhaven Heights offers easy accessibility to various parts of the city, enhancing its appeal for residents and potential homeowners alike.


Statistics for the Westhaven Heights Neighborhood

  • Population Density: Westhaven Heights boasts a population density of 5,125 people per square mile, distinguishing it from the broader Hialeah region, which has a density of 11,459 people per square mile.
  • Housing Market Trends: The local housing market is moderately competitive, with the average Westhaven Heights house price being approximately $650K.
  • Availability of Homes: Current data highlights the presence of around 5 homes for sale within the neighborhood, with prices ranging from $520K to $720K.
  • Rental Options: For those looking at rental opportunities, there are 15 apartments available for rent in Westhaven Heights, ensuring variety and options for different preferences and budgets.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Westhaven Heights Neighborhood

  • How would one describe the real estate profile of Westhaven Heights?

The neighborhood predominantly features midsize homes, which are competitively priced, catering to a broad spectrum of homeowners.

  • What is the population density in comparison to Hialeah in general?

Westhaven Heights has a density of 5,125 people per square mile, while the broader Hialeah region houses 11,459 people per square mile.

  • Are there ample rental opportunities in Westhaven Heights?

Yes, with 15 apartments currently available for rent, there’s a good range of options for potential tenants in Westhaven Heights.

Westhaven Heights, located in Hialeah, Florida, presents a compelling proposition for potential residents with its diverse real estate offerings, thriving community, and strategic location. As you consider making a home in this inviting neighborhood, remember that should any unforeseen incidents occur, the Hialeah car accident lawyers at Friedland & Associates are always ready to stand by your side, ensuring you receive the justice you deserve

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