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New Orleans Lakesites

New Orleans Lakesites

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An Overview of the New Orleans Lakesites Neighborhood

Nestled within Sunrise, Florida, the New Orleans Lakesites community is a picturesque enclave renowned for its scenic beauty and serene ambiance. Characterized by spacious homes, oversized backyards, and a gated environment, this neighborhood stands as a testament to comfortable and upscale living in the heart of Sunrise.


Key Attractions in the New Orleans Lakesites Neighborhood

  • Sunrise Lakes: A popular and vibrant vicinity close to New Orleans Lakesites, it is renowned for its scenic beauty and community activities.
  • Sawgrass Mall: Located adjacent to Metropica, it’s one of the prominent shopping destinations, offering a plethora of retail options and dining establishments.
  • Jacaranda: Another adjacent neighborhood, Jacaranda is famous for its lush green landscapes, adding to the overall charm of the region.


Statistics for the New Orleans Lakesites Neighborhood

  • Housing Trends: With frequent real estate listings being updated every 15 minutes, New Orleans Lakesites is a dynamic market for potential homeowners.
  • Cost of Living: Given the neighborhood’s upscale nature and amenities, the cost of living here tends to be higher than some of the neighboring areas but offers value in terms of lifestyle and community features.
  • Employment Rate: As part of Sunrise, FL, the employment rates remain relatively high, with several businesses and industries located nearby, providing ample job opportunities.
  • Average Home Size: Homes in New Orleans Lakesites often exceed 2750 square feet, showcasing the spaciousness and grandeur of the properties in this locality.


Frequently Asked Questions About the New Orleans Lakesites Neighborhood

  • How safe is New Orleans Lakesites for families?

New Orleans Lakesites, being a gated community, boasts enhanced security features and remains a preferred choice for families seeking safety and community bonding.

  • What are the primary amenities provided within the community?

Residents can enjoy various amenities, including close proximity to shopping destinations, recreational areas, and serene landscapes that enhance the quality of life.

  • Are there any rental homes available?

Yes, New Orleans Lakesites offers various rental homes, ensuring that prospective tenants have ample choices in terms of square footage, amenities, and areas.

New Orleans Lakesites stands as a beacon of luxurious living within the heart of Sunrise, Florida. For individuals seeking an exquisite lifestyle coupled with safety and amenities, this neighborhood is an ideal choice. As with any crucial decisions related to personal injury or legal challenges in the area, the Sunrise personal injury lawyers at Friedland & Associates remain at the forefront, providing unparalleled legal guidance and representation.

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