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Sawgrass Mills

Sawgrass Mills

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An Overview of Sawgrass Mills

Sawgrass Mills, nestled in Sunrise, Florida, is not just any ordinary shopping center. Owned by the prestigious Simon Property Group, this colossal mall boasts an impressive 2,370,610 square feet of retail selling space. As the eleventh largest mall in the entire United States, Sawgrass Mills stands as a testament to modern retail architecture designed by the renowned firm Arquitectonica.

Being strategically located just 30 minutes from the Miami International Airport and offering a vast selection of stores and services, Sawgrass Mills caters to both locals and tourists alike, ensuring a unique shopping experience.


Key Amenities Found in Sawgrass Mills

  • Retail Space: A sprawling 2,370,610 square feet of space dedicated to retail, making it the eleventh largest mall in the U.S.
  • Store Variety: Home to 400 distinct stores and services, ensuring diversity and options for shoppers of all tastes.
  • Anchor Tenants: 11 major anchor tenants, with 10 currently operating and 1 in the process of closing.
  • Architecture: Designed by the iconic firm, Arquitectonica, merging functionality with aesthetics.
  • Parking Facilities: Not just a single-story mall, it boasts a two-floor section in Brandsmart USA, a six-floor new parking garage, and a dedicated parking area.


What You Will See When You Visit Sawgrass Mills

  • Diverse Retail Outlets: From high-end fashion brands to unique boutique stores, Sawgrass offers a blend of shopping options.
  • Back-to-School Specials: Seasonal deals, like up to 70% off on back-to-school styles.
  • Dedicated Services: Tourist amenities, such as shuttle services, make it a convenient stop for travelers.
  • Climatic Comfort: An entirely enclosed space, ensuring air-conditioned and climate-controlled shopping comfort.
  • Real-time Navigation: With apps like Waze, visitors can get real-time driving directions based on live traffic updates.


Why You Should Visit Sawgrass Mills

Drawing thousands of visitors yearly, Sawgrass Mills is more than a shopping destination; it’s an experience. Its strategic location, vast retail space, and diverse store offerings make it an absolute must-visit for shopaholics and casual shoppers alike. Moreover, with its myriad of deals, especially during seasonal sales, the mall offers quality products at more affordable prices, ensuring value for every dollar spent.

The architectural beauty of Sawgrass Mills, combined with its well-thought-out layout, offers visitors an aesthetically pleasing environment, making shopping not just a task but a delight.


Frequently Asked Questions About Sawgrass Mills

  • How many stores does Sawgrass Mills house?

Sawgrass Mills is home to 400 distinct stores and services catering to diverse shopping needs.

  • Is there parking available at the mall?

Yes, Sawgrass Mills offers ample parking spaces, including a new six-floor parking garage.

At the heart of Sunrise, Florida, Sawgrass Mills promises a shopping experience unlike any other. With its vast retail space, a multitude of stores, and a blend of architectural beauty, it offers everything a shopper dreams of. If ever in need of legal assistance in Sunrise, especially concerning personal injuries, remember to consult the seasoned Sunrise personal injury lawyers at Friedland & Associates. If shopping is on your agenda, head to Sawgrass Mills at 12801 W Sunrise Blvd, Sunrise, FL 33323, United States, and dive into a world of retail splendor.

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