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Welleby Park

Welleby Park

Friedland & Associates prides itself on delivering top-tier legal solutions, with an emphasis on rigorous litigation management in both State and Federal courts. As staunch believers in the bedrock principles of the legal system, the sunrise personal injury lawyers at Friedland & Associates stand ready to guard the rights of their clients.

They are unwavering in their commitment to the jury system, seeing it as a beacon for those seeking justice. Regardless of societal stature or economic circumstances, this dedicated team fights valiantly for justice, guided by the belief that robust representation can tip the scales in favor of fairness.

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An Overview of Welleby Park

Located in the heart of Sunrise, Florida, Welleby Park stands as a beacon of recreational opportunity and tranquility. Spanning a generous 29 acres, it is among the largest parks in Sunrise, offering a myriad of activities for both residents and tourists throughout the year.


What are the Key Amenities Found in Welleby Park

  • No Admission Fee: Unlike many parks, Welleby Park doesn’t charge an entry fee, ensuring accessibility for everyone.
  • Free Parking: Visitors don’t need to worry about parking fees, as the park offers free parking spaces.
  • Rentable Pavilions: Ideal for picnics or outdoor gatherings, the park has numerous pavilions available for rent.
  • Bike Parking: For cycling enthusiasts, dedicated bike parking is available.
  • Dogs Allowed: Pet lovers rejoice! The park welcomes furry friends, making it a great spot for dog owners.


What You Will See When You Visit Welleby Park

  • Expansive Greenery: Revel in the lush landscapes that define the park’s 29 acres, providing a serene backdrop for visitors.
  • Recreational Opportunities: Whether you’re into sports, walking, or simply lounging, there’s something for everyone.
  • Diverse Flora and Fauna: The park boasts a range of local plants and wildlife, perfect for nature enthusiasts.
  • Community Gatherings: Due to its size and amenities, Welleby Park often hosts various community events and activities.


Why You Should Visit Welleby Park

Welleby Park isn’t just a green space; it’s a hub of community engagement and natural splendor. Its free admission and parking make it an accessible destination for all, regardless of budget. Beyond mere accessibility, its diverse range of amenities caters to a broad spectrum of interests, from the athletic to the tranquil. Whether you’re seeking a space for reflection, a location for community bonding, or simply a breath of fresh air, Welleby Park promises an experience worth your while.


Frequently Asked Questions About Welleby Park

  • Is it okay to bring my pet to the park?

Yes, dogs are allowed in Welleby Park.

  • Are there facilities for events or gatherings?

Absolutely! The park offers several pavilions that can be rented for picnics or outdoor events.

Welleby Park, located in the bustling city of Sunrise, Florida, is a testament to the value of community spaces, providing an oasis of nature and recreation. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, a visit to Welleby Park is bound to be a refreshing experience. And if ever you find yourself in need of legal assistance, especially with personal injuries, remember the dedicated team of Sunrise personal injury lawyers at Friedland & Associates. For those planning a visit, Welleby Park is conveniently located at 11100 NW 44th Street, Sunrise, FL 33351.

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