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Old Northwood Historic District

Old Northwood Historic District

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An Overview of the Old Northwood Historic District Neighborhood

The Old Northwood Historic District is a recognized U.S. historic district, beautifully nestled in West Palm Beach, Florida. Spanning from Broadway to the North Dixie Highway and between 26th and 35th Streets, this captivating neighborhood boasts 320 historic buildings and a rich tapestry of history that residents and visitors alike cherish.

Historically significant and culturally vibrant, Old Northwood offers an inviting mix of classic architecture, serene streets, and the allure of a past era. Its close-knit community and the pride of its residents in preserving its history make it a standout neighborhood in West Palm Beach.

Key Attractions in the Old Northwood Historic District Neighborhood

  • Historic Buildings: With a staggering 320 historic buildings, Old Northwood stands as a living testament to West Palm Beach’s architectural and historical wealth. These structures, dating back to various periods, add a unique charm to the district.
  • Annual Home Tour: Hosted by the local community, the annual home tour is a sought-after event. It provides an opportunity for visitors to get a glimpse of the district’s beautifully preserved homes and to immerse themselves in the area’s rich history.
  • Friendly and Beautiful Environment: Recognized as one of West Palm Beach’s most beautiful neighborhoods, Old Northwood boasts distinguished Mediterranean architecture, with locals and visitors frequently commenting on its friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Statistics for the Old Northwood Historic District Neighborhood

  • Walk and Bike Score: Indicative of its pedestrian-friendly nature, the Old Northwood Historic District has a Walk Score of 64 and a Bike Score of 72, making it the 6th most walkable neighborhood in West Palm Beach.
  • Housing Market: Homes in Old Northwood Historic District are in demand, with current listings averaging around $1.20M, showcasing the district’s popularity among home buyers.
  • Area Size: Covering a considerable area, Old Northwood spans 36 hectares, offering ample space and a variety of housing options for potential residents.
  • Historic Designation Date: The Old Northwood Historic District was officially added to the National Register of Historic Places on 14 April 1994, further cementing its significance in Florida’s history.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Old Northwood Historic District Neighborhood

  • What makes Old Northwood Historic District unique?

The district is renowned for its 320 historic buildings, making it a prominent area for history enthusiasts and those looking to immerse themselves in West Palm Beach’s architectural legacy.

  • How accessible is Old Northwood for daily activities?

With its impressive Walk and Bike Scores, the neighborhood encourages residents and visitors to explore on foot or by bike, fostering a close-knit, community-driven environment.

  • Is it a good time to invest in property in Old Northwood?

Given its historical significance, architectural beauty, and current housing market trends, Old Northwood Historic District remains a favorable choice for homebuyers looking for long-term value.

The Old Northwood Historic District, a cherished gem in West Palm Beach, Florida, promises an unparalleled blend of history, culture, and community spirit. Whether you’re exploring its historic streets, considering an investment, or simply appreciating its architectural marvels, this neighborhood will not disappoint. And for those in need of legal guidance, especially in personal injury cases, remember that the distinguished team at Friedland & Associates, some of the finest west palm beach personal injury lawyers, are always ready to assist

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