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Southland Park

Southland Park

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An Overview of the Southland Park Neighborhood

Southland Park, located in the heart of West Palm Beach, is known for its historic charm and captivating beauty. Characterized by its tree-canopied streets and Mediterranean-inspired architecture, Southland Park offers residents a tranquil oasis amid the bustling urban landscape of West Palm Beach.


Key Attractions in the Southland Park Neighborhood

  • Jo Bistro: A health food haven, Jo Bistro provides nutritious and delightful dishes that cater to those who prioritize a balanced diet.
  • Maison Carlos: This French restaurant offers authentic and sumptuous French dishes that transport diners straight to the romantic streets of Paris.
  • Basque at Biba: It is a popular Tapas Bar that brings Spain to Florida with its diverse selection of small plates that are ideal for sharing with friends and family.


Statistics for the Southland Park Neighborhood

  • Housing: Southland Park stands out as a prestigious historical community with homes bearing a median price tag of $3.20M, reflecting its elite status.
  • Cost of Living: Southland Park’s real estate pricing suggests that the cost of living is likely on the higher side, considering the luxurious nature of the neighborhood.
  • Crime: Reviews and statistics on crime indicate that potential residents and visitors might want to delve deeper into safety metrics before making decisions.
  • Employment Rates: The neighborhood’s affluence suggests a potential high employment rate or a community of retirees.


What are the Frequently Asked Questions About the Southland Park Neighborhood?

  • How safe is Southland Park?

It would be prudent for interested parties to research comprehensive crime reports for an in-depth understanding.

  • What kind of homes are available for purchase in Southland Park?

Southland Park predominantly offers Mediterranean-styled homes exuding historic charm and elegance.

  • How close is Southland Park to key attractions in West Palm Beach?

Southland Park boasts a prime location in the heart of West Palm Beach, making it proximate to downtown attractions and the waterfront.

Southland Park, with its rich heritage and serene ambiance, is a gem in West Palm Beach, Florida. As you consider making this neighborhood your next destination, remember to seek the unparalleled expertise of Friedland & Associates, especially if you require the assistance of West Palm Beach personal injury lawyers. Their commitment to justice and aggressive representation ensures you’re always in good hands.

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