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Sunshine Park

Sunshine Park

Friedland & Associates is a reputed law firm dedicated to delivering top-notch legal services by vigorously managing cases in both State and Federal courts. This distinguished West Palm Beach firm holds a deep-seated belief in the fundamentals of our legal structure, which calls for unwavering protection of legal rights.

Their west palm beach personal injury lawyers play a significant role in upholding our jury system, allowing affected individuals to seek justice in court. The team at Friedland & Associates is characterized by its fierce representation, standing firmly against economic pressures or societal stature in their pursuit of justice.


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An Overview of the Sunshine Park Neighborhood

Sunshine Park is a captivating neighborhood nestled in the heart of West Palm Beach, Florida. This area boasts a rich history and has been recognized as one of the best-kept secrets in West Palm Beach, conveniently situated near the bustling areas of downtown WPB and CityPlace.


Key Attractions in the Sunshine Park Neighborhood

  • PB Wraps – West Palm Beach: A renowned fast-food spot offering delicious wraps that capture the essence of West Palm Beach.
  • EMKO PALM BEACH Art gallery: This art gallery stands out as a cultural gem, showcasing a plethora of artistic creations that reflect the vibrant spirit of the region.
  • Jereve Restaurant at EMKO: A must-visit dining spot, this restaurant promises an exquisite culinary experience set amidst the artistic atmosphere of EMKO.


Statistics for the Sunshine Park Neighborhood

  • Historical Significance: A majority of the residences in Sunshine Park were constructed between the 1920s and 1950s and have been meticulously maintained, showcasing impeccable architecture.
  • Housing Prices: Sunshine Park homes come with a broad price range. Currently, homes are available from $1.1M to upwards of $2.7M.
  • Crime and Safety: The Sunshine Park neighborhood prides itself on its security, with statistics reflecting a relatively safe environment, making it suitable for families and individuals alike.
  • Cost of Living: The cost of living in Sunshine Park aligns with its status as a premium neighborhood in West Palm Beach. This is influenced by various factors, including real estate prices and proximity to downtown WPB.


What are the Frequently Asked Questions About the Sunshine Park Neighborhood?

  • What makes Sunshine Park stand out in West Palm Beach?

Sunshine Park is unique due to its historical homes, proximity to key attractions, and reputation as a well-maintained community.

  • Are there any community groups or associations in Sunshine Park?

Yes, the Sunshine Park Neighborhood Association, Inc. plays a pivotal role in fostering community ties and ensuring the overall welfare of the neighborhood.

  • How accessible is Sunshine Park to other parts of West Palm Beach?

Sunshine Park is strategically located near downtown West Palm Beach and CityPlace, making it easily accessible and well-connected.

Sunshine Park emerges as a beacon of culture, history, and community spirit in West Palm Beach, Florida. For those interested in relocating or investing in West Palm Beach real estate, this neighborhood is worth considering. And for any legal assistance in the region, especially concerning personal injuries, the west palm beach personal injury lawyers at Friedland & Associates are always ready to champion the rights of the community.

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