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Our nation is built on a set of laws that govern every aspect of our lives and interactions with others. These laws protect our rights and freedoms and help ensure that we are treated fairly in our dealings with the government, in business, and with our friends, family and neighbors. When wrongs do occur, we turn to the law to set things right. Fort Lauderdale injury lawyer Lee Friedland and his team at Friedland & Associates are committed to looking out for our clients and making wrongs right.

Lee Friedland brings a passionate commitment and intense level of caring to every client and every case. Mr. Friedland believes strongly in the legal process and knows how to navigate that process to achieve great results for his clients. We stand up to the government and corporations, and look out for your rights and interests in a variety of different areas, including:

Personal Injury – If you are injured by the negligence of another, you may be entitled to compensation from the negligent party for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and emotional distress. We work from the very start to see that you get the care you need to recover to the fullest extent possible, and we fight to see you are fully compensated for all your legal damages.

Criminal Defense – Whether charged with shoplifting, DUI, assault or a drug crime, the single most important thing you can do to protect your rights is to talk to an experienced Florida criminal defense lawyer before you say anything to police or prosecutors. Lee Friedland is a former Dade County prosecutor who knows how to work with the other side in your best interests, and how to protect your rights, ensure a fair trial, and work toward the best outcome possible.

School Litigation – If you paid thousands of dollars for an education that was never delivered, you can do something about it. We fight so-called private universities and technical schools that engage in misrepresentation or even outright fraud about the quality of instruction or post-completion job placement opportunities.

Commercial Litigation – Business disputes are a fact of life, and no company is immune from a contract dispute or business tort allegation involving a customer, competitor, vendor, supplier, employee or contractor. We work closely with our clients to develop appropriate risk management and loss mitigation practices, and we develop a litigation strategy to resolve your dispute as quickly and efficiently as possible, always making sure your rights and interests are protected.

Immigration – The multi-lingual staff at Friedland & Associates are ready to help you with your immigration legal needs, including obtaining a green card and permanent residence through family-based or employment-based immigration routes, working toward citizenship through naturalization, or providing strong and effective defense in detention, deportation and removal proceedings. With experience in criminal defense, family law and other areas, we have the knowledge and skills to successfully address your immigration law matter.

Family Law – Dealing with a divorce or child custody dispute is a stressful and emotional time, and it can be difficult to know what decisions to make, knowing that the outcome can continue affect you and your family for years to come. We take the time to truly listen and understand your needs, so that we can advise you on your best options. No matter what, you will find our office to be staunch supporters of your rights with the best interests of you and your children foremost in mind.

Bankruptcy – Times are tough, and for people living from paycheck to paycheck, the sudden loss of a job, an accident or extended illness is enough to put their monthly financial obligations out of reach. We help consumers obtain the protection of our nation’s bankruptcy laws, helping them to file Chapter 7 to make a fresh start or save their home from foreclosure with a Chapter 13 filing. We explore your options with you and help you make the best decision for your unique situation.

Real Estate – From helping you make an offer on property and secure financing to obtaining title insurance and representation at closing, Friedland & Associates is with you at every step of the home buying process. We represent buyers and sellers in all aspects of a Florida real estate transaction, and help to resolve disputes throughout the lifetime of property ownership, including title and boundary disputes, zoning issues, short sales and loan modifications.

Loss of Property – In cases of fire damage, water damage or other property loss, we work to see that your property is restored or replaced and that you are compensated for your damages. We stand up to insurance companies in coverage disputes or bad faith denials of claims. When the damage was caused by someone else’s negligence, we begin the litigation process to make sure you are fully compensated for your loss.

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Clients who have utilized Friedland & Associates in one area return to our firm whenever they need help in another area. They know they can turn to Lee Friedland and his team whatever their needs, and they know they will be treated with caring, compassion and dedication to their own unique legal needs, contact our Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyers.

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