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Friedland & Associates stands as a beacon of unwavering commitment to exceptional legal services, ensuring rigorous case management in both State and Federal Courts. Central to their ethos is a profound dedication to the community and clients they serve. As believers in the fundamental principles of the legal system, they ardently protect legal rights and champion the jury system, a platform that empowers the aggrieved to seek justice.

Their Bronx personal injury lawyers exemplify determination, fighting valiantly for the rights of individuals and cause without bias toward economic status or societal standing. This dynamic team, driven by their quest for justice, epitomizes what aggressive representation can achieve.

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An Overview of the Fordham Neighborhood

Fordham Manor, commonly known as Fordham, is a vibrant neighborhood situated in the western Bronx, New York City. It is demarcated by East 196th Street to the north, the picturesque Harlem River to the west, the bustling Fordham Road to the south, and Southern Boulevard to the east. Key arteries of this area include Fordham Road and Grand Concourse, which pulsate with the energy of city life.

As a part of Bronx Community Board 5, Fordham exudes a rich history intertwined with the growth and development of the Bronx itself. Its proximity to renowned landmarks and its dynamic population make Fordham a sought-after area in New York City.


Key Attractions in the Fordham Neighborhood

  • Fordham University: Nestled within the heart of the neighborhood, Fordham University retains its historic original campus, which was once the famed Rose Hill Manor. A beacon of education and culture, it attracts thousands of students every year.
  • Fordham Road Business District: As a major commercial and shopping hub, the Fordham Road Business District bustles with a myriad of retail outlets, eateries, and entertainment options that cater to a diverse clientele.
  • Little Italy at Arthur Avenue: Positioned adjacent to Fordham, this iconic slice of Italy in the Bronx is renowned for its authentic Italian eateries, markets, and cultural experiences, offering a tantalizing taste of Italy in New York City.


Statistics for the Fordham Neighborhood

  • Population: Fordham boasts a population of approximately 91,379 residents, illustrating its status as a densely populated region of the Bronx.
  • Educational Institutions: The 85-acre campus of Fordham University accommodates around 6,000 undergraduates and graduates, with nearly 2,900 residing on campus.
  • ZIP Codes: Fordham spans multiple ZIP Codes, including 10453, 10457, 10458, and 10468, showcasing its expansive area and diverse population.
  • Area Codes: Fordham operates under various area codes, notably 718, 347, 929, and 917, underscoring the connectivity and reach of the neighborhood.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Fordham Neighborhood

  • Where is Fordham located within the Bronx?

Fordham lies in the western part of the Bronx, bounded by East 196th Street, the Harlem River, Fordham Road, and Southern Boulevard.

  • What are the main streets in Fordham?

Fordham Road and Grand Concourse stand out as the primary thoroughfares, playing a crucial role in the neighborhood’s transport and commerce.

  • Does Fordham have historical significance?

Absolutely. Fordham retains deep historical roots, with landmarks such as Fordham University’s original campus, formerly the Rose Hill Manor, offering a glimpse into the past.

Fordham, a neighborhood in the Bronx, is a harmonious blend of history, culture, and urban vitality. Its varied attractions, from educational institutions like Fordham University to the vibrant Little Italy at Arthur Avenue, make it a captivating area for both residents and visitors. As you explore Fordham and potentially find yourself in need of legal counsel, remember that Friedland & Associates, with their dedicated Bronx personal injury lawyers, are ever-ready to serve the community with unwavering commitment and expertise.

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