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Hunts Point

Hunts Point

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An Overview of the Hunts Point Neighborhood

Hunts Point is a unique neighborhood nestled on a peninsula in the South Bronx of New York City. The area is notably home to one of the world’s largest food distribution facilities, the Hunts Point Cooperative Market. Established in 1849 and named after Thomas Hunt, this neighborhood offers both a rich history and a dynamic, ever-evolving present.


Key Attractions in the Hunts Point Neighborhood

  • Hunts Point Cooperative Market: One of the world’s largest food distribution facilities, it stands as a testament to the importance of Hunts Point in the broader food supply chain of New York and beyond.
  • Boogie Down Grind Cafe: A local favorite, this cafe offers more than just coffee. It embodies the spirit and culture of the Bronx, providing a space for residents and visitors to unwind and enjoy.
  • City Tamale Inc: This Tamale shop offers authentic flavors, showcasing the rich culinary diversity present within the Hunts Point community.


Statistics for the Hunts Point Neighborhood

  • Population: Hunts Point boasts a population of approximately 27,200 residents, showcasing the vibrant community that calls this neighborhood home.
  • Area: Covering an area of 4.27 km², the neighborhood provides ample space for both residential and commercial endeavors.
  • ZIP Code: With the postal code 10474, Hunts Point is easily identifiable and accessible.
  • Income Level: Hunts Point is often recognized as a low-income neighborhood, reflecting the broader socio-economic dynamics of the area.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Hunts Point Neighborhood

  • Is Hunts Point primarily residential or industrial?

While Hunts Point has a robust industrial presence, particularly with food distribution facilities, it also offers ample residential spaces and amenities for its inhabitants.

  • How accessible is Hunts Point?

Hunts Point is well-situated within the Bronx, making it easily accessible by several modes of transportation. Its unique postal code, 10474, also aids in pinpointing its location.

  • What is the significance of the Hunts Point Cooperative Market?

The Hunts Point Cooperative Market is not just an economic hub; it plays a pivotal role in the food supply chain for New York and even broader regions. Its immense scale underscores the neighborhood’s importance in food distribution.

Hunts Point is undeniably a neighborhood of immense significance, both historically and in the contemporary landscape of New York City. From its rich cultural attractions to its pivotal role in the food supply chain, it offers a unique blend of industrial dynamism and residential charm. For those seeking legal counsel, particularly in personal injury cases in and around the Bronx, Friedland & Associates stands ready to provide unparalleled service and representation.

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