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Morris Park

Morris Park

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This Bronx-based team of Bronx personal injury lawyers ardently believes in the jury system, allowing individuals to seek justice and redress in the courts. Adept at representing a diverse clientele, they are unyielding in their quest for justice, ensuring all receive the representation they deserve regardless of economic or social standing.

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An Overview of the Morris Park Neighborhood

Morris Park, situated in the bustling borough of the Bronx, is one of New York City’s gems. Known for its distinct boundaries, this neighborhood encapsulates the essence of Bronx living. Starting from Neill Avenue and Pelham Parkway to the north and winding its way in a clockwise direction, it’s a blend of history and modern urban living. An interesting facet of Morris Park is its namesake, which is deeply entrenched in its historical roots.


Key Attractions in the Morris Park Neighborhood

  • Patricia’s of Morris Park: A haven for Italian cuisine enthusiasts, Patricia’s offers an authentic taste of Italy right in the heart of the Bronx.
  • Emilio’s of Morris Park: Pizza lovers rejoice at Emilio’s, where the art of pizza-making is revered and celebrated with each delicious slice.
  • La Masa Restaurant: This Colombian eatery brings a burst of Latin flavors to Morris Park, allowing residents and visitors alike to indulge in its rich culinary heritage.


Statistics for the Morris Park Neighborhood

  • Population: Morris Park boasts a thriving community with a population of approximately 19,356 residents.
  • Real Estate: The area is primarily comprised of small to medium-sized real estate properties, indicating a densely urban residential setup.
  • Patrolling Precinct: Safety is paramount in Morris Park, with the 49th Precinct diligently overseeing the neighborhood.
  • Cultural Makeup: A standout feature of Morris Park is its large Italian American population, enriching the area with its rich traditions and cultural practices.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Morris Park Neighborhood

  • What are the main zip codes for Morris Park?

Morris Park is associated primarily with two ZIP codes: 10461 and 10462.

  • Who are the main residents of Morris Park?

While the neighborhood is diverse, it’s noteworthy for its significant Italian American population, adding to its vibrant community spirit.

  • Is the neighborhood safe?

Morris Park is under the watchful eye of the 49th Precinct, ensuring safety and security for its residents.

Morris Park is undeniably one of the Bronx’s prized neighborhoods, a harmonious blend of history, culture, and urban vibrancy. Whether you’re drawn to its culinary delights or the sense of community it offers, it stands out as a delightful enclave in the vast tapestry of New York City. And for those seeking diligent legal representation in the area, remember Friedland & Associates, the Bronx personal injury lawyers committed to ensuring justice for all.

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