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Friedland & Associates is a prominent legal firm dedicated to providing outstanding legal services with a fierce approach to litigation in both State and Federal courts. They prioritize offering top-notch service to the community and their clients.

Recognizing the essential pillars of the legal system, the team is steadfast in protecting individual legal rights and champions the jury system, enabling those wronged to seek justice in court. The Bronx personal injury lawyers at Friedland & Associates are unwavering advocates for justice and are undeterred by economic status or community standing.

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An Overview of the Soundview Neighborhood

Soundview, nestled on the Clason Point peninsula, is a vibrant neighborhood situated in the southern section of the Bronx borough in New York City. Its geographical location offers unique vistas and contributes to the distinctive character of this urban locale. Soundview has historically been recognized as a low-income residential area but holds a rich tapestry of cultures, history, and community spirit.


Key Attractions in the Soundview Neighborhood

  • CEA LO Cafe: A popular spot that offers visitors a taste of the local cuisine and a cozy ambiance, perfect for both casual meetups and formal gatherings.
  • Jimbo’s Hamburger Palace: Renowned for its mouth-watering hamburgers, this palace provides a quick bite that leaves a lasting impression on one’s taste buds.
  • The South of France: A Puerto Rican eatery that takes guests on a culinary journey, infusing traditional flavors with a modern twist, capturing the essence of the Puerto Rican heritage.


Statistics for the Soundview Neighborhood

  • Population: Soundview is home to approximately 44,427 residents, offering a glimpse into a diverse community with a rich blend of cultures.
  • Real Estate: Predominantly urban, the Soundview neighborhood mainly consists of smaller housing units, reflecting its dense population nature.
  • Geographical Size: The area encompasses approximately 2.89 km², providing ample space for residential, commercial, and recreational zones.
  • ZIP Codes: Soundview is designated by ZIP Codes 10472 and 10473, making it easily identifiable and accessible for residents and visitors alike.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Soundview Neighborhood

  • What is the primary nature of the neighborhood?

Soundview is primarily a residential area geographically situated in the Clason Point section of the Bronx in New York City.

  • Are there any natural attractions close by?

While the main focus is urban living, Soundview is bordered by the Bronx River, and close by is The Bronx River Forest, offering residents a slice of nature amidst the city hustle.

  • What are the main area codes for Soundview?

The neighborhood operates under area codes 718, 347, 929, and 917, ensuring effective communication for its residents.

Soundview is a testament to the dynamic blend of history, culture, and urban living in the Bronx. Its unique geographical location, coupled with its myriad of attractions and a sense of community, makes it a neighborhood worth exploring. For those seeking legal guidance in this area, especially in personal injury cases, the Bronx personal injury lawyers at Friedland & Associates are always prepared to extend their expertise and stand as pillars of justice in the community.

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