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Friedland & Associates is dedicated to delivering superior legal aid through the tenacious management of cases in both State and Federal Courts. Their unyielding devotion lies in rendering unparalleled service to the community and their esteemed clientele. Trusting in the bedrock of our justice system, they actively safeguard and champion legal rights.

Their resolute support for the jury system empowers individuals to pursue justice in court. The Bronx personal injury lawyers at Friedland & Associates ardently advocate for justice, unhindered by societal status or financial factors. Their team consists of individuals united by the belief that through determined representation, justice can be achieved.

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An Overview of the Wakefield Neighborhood

Wakefield, nestled in the northern extremity of the Bronx in New York City, stands as a testament to the working-class and middle-class spirit of the area. It proudly claims the title of New York City’s northernmost neighborhood, defined by boundaries such as the city’s border with East 222nd Street to the south, Westchester County to the north, and the Bronx River Parkway to the west.

Its close proximity to other neighborhoods like Woodlawn and the hamlet West Mount Vernon makes it a strategically placed locality. The urban setting, coupled with its diverse inhabitants, offers a unique blend of commerce, culture, and community.


Key Attractions in the Wakefield Neighborhood

  • Cooler Runnings Jamaican Restaurant: Dive into authentic Jamaican cuisine and experience a burst of tropical flavors right in the heart of Wakefield.
  • Ali’s Roti Shop: For those craving Caribbean dishes, this spot offers a tantalizing array of flavors that encapsulate the essence of island culinary arts.
  • H.I.M. Ital Health Food Market: This health food store provides residents and visitors with nutritious alternatives, championing the importance of wellness and balanced living.


Statistics for the Wakefield Neighborhood

  • Area: Wakefield spans an impressive 257 hectares, allowing for a dense urban setting that fosters a lively community atmosphere.
  • Population: The neighborhood boasts an estimated population of about 29,158, reflecting its stature as a significant Bronx locality.
  • ZIP Codes: The prominent ZIP Codes associated with Wakefield are 10466 and 10470, providing essential mailing and location-based services.
  • Real Estate: Wakefield’s real estate landscape is characterized by medium-sized properties suitable for urban family living and ensuring a bustling, densely populated area.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Wakefield Neighborhood

  • Is Wakefield the absolute northernmost point of New York City?

While Wakefield is recognized as the northernmost neighborhood, the city’s northernmost geographical point is situated in Riverdale, at the College of Mount Saint.

  • How accessible is Wakefield to Manhattan?

Wakefield’s strategic location in the eastern section of the Bronx makes Manhattan readily accessible via Interstate 87 or through various public transportation options.

  • What are the main attractions of Wakefield?

Aside from its vibrant culinary scene with restaurants like Cooler Runnings and Ali’s Roti Shop, Wakefield is close to attractions such as Van Cortlandt Park, enriching its appeal to both residents and tourists alike.

Wakefield, as an intrinsic part of the Bronx, offers a rich blend of culture, commerce, and community living. Its urban landscape, vibrant eateries, and strategic location make it a coveted neighborhood. As you explore the avenues and lanes of Wakefield, should you ever need legal guidance, especially in personal injury cases, remember that the dedicated Bronx personal injury lawyers at Friedland & Associates are always ready to champion your cause.

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