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Sailboat Bend

Sailboat Bend

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An Overview of the Sailboat Bend Neighborhood

Sailboat Bend, located in Fort Lauderdale, is steeped in history, showcasing beautiful bungalows and Mission-style homes from the early 20th century. Nestled along the New River, just to the west of downtown Fort Lauderdale, the neighborhood preserves its historic charm while embracing modern amenities. Not only does it serve as a residential haven, but the eastern edge is also brimming with vibrant nightlife, featuring live music venues, nightclubs, and bars.

Key Attractions in the Sailboat Bend Neighborhood

  • Broward Center for the Performing Arts: A premier venue hosting Broadway-style productions, ensuring a theatrical treat for visitors and residents alike.
  • Museum of Discovery and Science: Perfect for families, it boasts attractions like an otter habitat and the impressive kinetic energy sculpture dubbed the “gravity clock.”
  • Stache Drinking Den: This cocktail bar stands out as a must-visit for those looking to enjoy a relaxed evening with top-tier beverages in the neighborhood.

Statistics for the Sailboat Bend Neighborhood

  • Population: Sailboat Bend houses a population of approximately 2,924 residents
  • Housing: The real estate landscape is dotted with historic bungalows, ranch-style homes, and newer establishments, with over 22 homes currently listed for sale.
  • Walkability: With a Walk Score of 69, Sailboat Bend is the 13th most walkable neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale, indicating good accessibility to amenities.
  • Income Level: The Sailboat Bend neighborhood is home to upper-middle-income residents, marking it as an above-average income neighborhood.

What are the Frequently Asked Questions About Sailboat Bend?

  • How historic is Sailboat Bend?

Sailboat Bend’s history can be traced back to the early 1900s, evident in its preserved bungalows and Mission-style homes that add to its distinctive character.

  • What amenities are available for families?

The neighborhood offers family-friendly attractions like the Museum of Discovery and Science, which showcases intriguing exhibits like the otter habitat and the “gravity clock.”

  • How accessible is Sailboat Bend?

With a decent Walk Score of 69, the neighborhood ensures residents can easily access essential amenities, making it a convenient place to reside.

Sailboat Bend in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is an ideal combination of historic charm and modern conveniences. Whether one is attracted to its architectural wonders, bustling nightlife, or family-friendly attractions, the neighborhood promises a rich and fulfilling experience. For those looking to settle or seek legal counsel in the area, Friedland & Associates stands ready to offer top-notch services, reflecting their unwavering dedication to the community.

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