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Tarpon River

Tarpon River

Friedland & Associates is a firm deeply rooted in its commitment to exceptional legal services. They prioritize aggressive management in both State and Federal Court litigation matters. With a keen belief in the pillars of the legal system, they tirelessly defend individuals’ rights to seek redress in court through the jury system. Friedland & Associates’ team of Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers champions the cause of justice, representing individuals and causes without bias or influence, ensuring that the scales of justice remain balanced.

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An Overview of the Tarpon River Neighborhood

Tarpon River is a unique neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale, boasting a serene environment right off Broward Boulevard. Nestled beside the Townsend Park nature preserve, it stands out as a peaceful enclave within the bustling city, perfect for strolls, dog walks, and moments of reflection.

The community of Tarpon River encapsulates Florida’s urban waterfront charm. This virtual island, bordered by the New River and its namesake, the Tarpon River, is an embodiment of the beauty Fort Lauderdale offers.

Key Attractions in the Tarpon River Neighborhood

  • Tarpon River Brewing: A go-to spot for brewing aficionados, it’s a beacon of craft beer in the neighborhood.
  • Pirate Republic Seafood: For seafood lovers, this establishment promises fresh catches paired with an authentic coastal ambiance.
  • Jerk Machine at Ft Lauderdale: This restaurant introduces the neighborhood to the rich flavors of Caribbean cuisine, especially Jamaican jerk dishes.

Statistics for the Tarpon River Neighborhood

  • Population: Tarpon River is home to 3,390 residents, making it a tight-knit community within the larger city.
  • Walkability: With a Walk Score of 50, the neighborhood is moderately walkable, fostering a healthy and active lifestyle for its residents.
  • Housing: The area offers diverse housing options, from single-family homes to condos and townhomes, with some properties even boasting waterfront views.
  • Income Level: The neighbors in Tarpon River come from upper-middle-income backgrounds, indicating an above-average income neighborhood.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Tarpon River Neighborhood

  • Is Tarpon River a good place to live?

Yes, many consider Tarpon River to be one of the best places to reside in Broward County due to its serene environment and proximity to essential amenities.

  • Are there ample public transportation options?

Tarpon River provides some public transportation options. Though it’s the 40th most walkable neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale, having personal transport might be beneficial.

  • What kinds of homes are available in Tarpon River?

Tarpon River boasts a variety of homes, from single-family residences to condos and townhomes. Certain properties even offer waterfront views.

Tarpon River is more than just another neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale; it’s a community offering tranquility, beauty, and a rich blend of urban and natural environments. For those seeking legal guidance in the area, especially regarding car accidents, the dedicated professionals at Friedland & Associates are readily available to champion the cause of justice.


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