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Hialeah Drive

Hialeah Drive

Friedland & Associates is a well-known law firm that provides unrivaled legal services by meticulously managing cases in state and federal courts. The firm’s primary goal is to serve the community and its clients with unmatched dedication. Holding firm to the principles of the legal system, Friedland & Associates champions the protection of legal rights and ardently supports the jury system, which allows aggrieved parties to pursue justice in court. The Hialeah car accident lawyers at the firm stand ready to advocate for individuals and just causes, untouched by societal status or economic factors. The team at Friedland & Associates believes that through determined representation, justice is always within reach.


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An Overview of the Hialeah Drive Neighborhood

Hialeah Drive, located in Hialeah, Florida, is a bustling corridor offering a blend of residential properties, commercial businesses, and local attractions. This vibrant neighborhood is known for its dynamic atmosphere and its close proximity to major highways like the Palmetto Expressway, making it a convenient hub for residents and visitors alike.

From residential homes to shopping centers and business establishments, Hialeah Drive boasts a rich mix of architectural designs and amenities. Its significance in the Hialeah community is undeniable and a testament to the city’s continued growth and development.


Key Attractions in the Hialeah Drive Neighborhood

  • Waze Realtime Directions: A unique feature provided by Waze that offers real-time real-time driving directions to Hialeah Drive. With updates based on live traffic and road conditions, visitors and locals can navigate the neighborhood efficiently.
  • Shopping Centers: The area around Hialeah Drive is home to various shopping hubs, allowing residents and visitors to indulge in retail therapy. The proximity to the Palmetto Expressway also means easy access to other nearby malls and shopping districts.
  • Dining Options: There are lots of options in the area, including McDonald’s at 460 Hialeah Drive and Wendy’s at 555 Hialeah Drive. Hialeah Drive has something for everyone, whether you’re searching for a quick bite or a leisurely meal.


Statistics for the Hialeah Drive Neighborhood

  • Housing: Various homes, ranging from 1,151 sqft to 42,862 sqft, line Hialeah Drive, offering diverse options for potential homeowners. Whether it’s a cozy two-bedroom house or a more expansive family home, there’s something for everyone.
  • Cost of Living: Given its location and the amenities it offers, the cost of living around Hialeah Drive is competitive. Proximity to shopping centers, dining options, and major highways adds to its allure.
  • Employment Opportunities: With businesses like CVS Pharmacy, Bank of America, and Publix in the vicinity, there are ample employment opportunities for residents. The commercial nature of the area ensures a steady flow of jobs.
  • Sale History: Properties on Hialeah Drive have witnessed considerable appreciation over the years. For instance, a 4-bedroom home at 330 Hialeah Dr sold for $400,000 in November 2021.


Frequently Asked Questions About Hialeah Drive

  • What are the traffic conditions on Hialeah Drive?

Hialeah Drive is a bustling thoroughfare, but with apps like Waze providing real-time real-time traffic updates, navigating the area is relatively hassle-free.

  • Are there any entertainment options nearby?

Yes, apart from shopping and dining, Hialeah Drive is close to various recreational and entertainment spots, ensuring residents and visitors have a plethora of activities to choose from.

  • Is Hialeah Drive ideal for families?

Absolutely! With diverse housing options, schools, parks, and other amenities in the vicinity, Hialeah Drive is a great place for families to settle.

Hialeah Drive is a prominent and vibrant neighborhood in Hialeah, Florida. It promises a balanced lifestyle for its residents with its mix of residential and commercial spaces. Whether you’re thinking about moving to the area or just passing through, Hialeah Drive provides a unique experience. And if you find yourself in need of legal assistance, particularly in relation to vehicular accidents, the Hialeah car accident attorneys at Friedland & Associates are always ready to help.

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