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Sun-Tan Village

Sun-Tan Village

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An Overview of the Sun-Tan Village Neighborhood

Sun-Tan Village is nestled within the vibrant city of Hialeah, Florida. Known for its urban environment due to its high population, this enclave presents an eclectic mix of real estate options, primarily consisting of midsize homes that offer competitive pricing.


Key Attractions in the Sun-Tan Village Neighborhood

  • Real Estate Diversity: Sun-Tan Village boasts a range of properties, predominantly midsize homes, that cater to various buyer preferences.
  • Proximity to Key Areas: Being situated close to Westgate and Miami Heights Trailer Park, residents enjoy easy access to multiple amenities and services.
  • Rich Cultural Environment: Owing to its urban setting, Sun-Tan Village promises an engaging community life, surrounded by a myriad of activities and cultural events.


Statistics for the Sun-Tan Village Neighborhood

  • Housing Market Competition: Sun-Tan Village’s housing market demonstrates moderate competitiveness, with a score of 54 out of 100.
  • Average Housing Price: The typical Sun-Tan Village house was priced at approximately $613K in the past month.
  • Home Listings: As of recent data, platforms like Zillow listed six homes for sale in Sun-Tan Village, offering potential buyers various choices.
  • Real Estate Trends: The Sun-Tan Village area has seen a surge in properties listed for sale, with platforms like Trulia showcasing four homes on the market.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Sun-Tan Village Neighborhood

  • What is the general vibe of Sun-Tan Village?

Sun-Tan Village is characterized by its urban atmosphere, driven by a dense population.

The community exudes a vibrant energy filled with diverse real estate options and a rich cultural environment.

  • How competitive is the real estate market in Sun-Tan Village?

The housing market in Sun-Tan Village is moderately competitive. While there are several listings available, demand remains consistent, pushing the competition score to 54 out of 100.

  • Are there any notable landmarks or attractions close to Sun-Tan Village?

Sun-Tan Village enjoys a strategic location near Westgate and Miami Heights Trailer Park. Its central position ensures residents have quick access to various amenities and services.

Sun-Tan Village, a captivating neighborhood in Hialeah, Florida, offers an exclusive blend of urban living and cultural richness. Its prime location, combined with a competitive housing market, makes it a sought-after destination for potential homeowners. And, for those facing legal challenges in the area, particularly related to car accidents, Friedland & Associates’ Hialeah car accident lawyers remain ever-ready to champion their cause.

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