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Westland Mall

Westland Mall

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An Overview of Westland Mall

Westland Mall, a prominent shopping destination, has two notable locations of interest. One is nestled in Franklin Township, OH 43228, while the other stands proudly in Hialeah, Florida. The latter boasts as an ideal locale for shopping, dining, and entertainment tailored to families and friends. With a rich history and diverse range of outlets, it has become a staple for residents and visitors alike.

The Westland Mall in Hialeah, Florida, is particularly prominent, featuring anchor stores like Macy’s and JCPenney. With an inviting ambiance, it beckons visitors to explore its myriad offerings and indulge in a unique shopping experience.


Key Amenities Found in Westland Mall

  • Shopping Venues: A wide selection of the latest trends awaits shoppers, ranging from renowned international brands to boutique local stores.
  • Dining Options: Catering to a variety of palates, Westland Mall offers diverse eateries, from sit-down restaurants to quick grab-and-go options.
  • Entertainment Hubs: Besides shopping, the mall is a hub for entertainment, often hosting live events, family activities, and movie screenings.
  • Public Transit Stops: For easy accessibility, there are multiple bus stops near the mall, including W Broad St & Old Village Rd and W Broad St & S Warren Ave.


What You Will See When You Visit Westland Mall

  • Diverse Shoppers: A melting pot of cultures and age groups, expect to see families, youngsters, and tourists all under one roof.
  • Live Events: Westland Mall frequently holds events, from fashion shows to festive celebrations, enhancing the visitor experience.
  • Expansive Store Directory: Ranging from apparel and accessories to gadgets and homeware, there’s a shop for every need.
  • Interactive Kiosks: Discover informational and promotional kiosks sprinkled across the mall, offering unique products and services.


Why You Should Visit Westland Mall

The allure of Westland Mall extends beyond mere shopping. It offers a holistic experience, blending retail therapy with recreational activities, making it a perfect day-out destination. The ambiance strikes a balance between modern aesthetics and comfort, ensuring visitors are always at ease.

Moreover, the strategic location of the mall, especially the Hialeah branch, within the bustling heart of the city, makes it easily accessible. Be it a last-minute shopping spree, a relaxed meal, or simply a desire to bask in the lively mall atmosphere, Westland Mall stands ready to welcome all.


Frequently Asked Questions About Westland Mall

  • Is Westland Mall Family-Friendly?

Absolutely! The mall is designed keeping families in mind, offering child-friendly areas, diaper changing stations, and family restrooms.

  • What Are the Operating Hours of the Mall?

The hours may vary, but typically, the mall in Hialeah operates from 11:00 am to 19:00 pm on weekdays, with adjusted hours on weekends.

  • Are There Any Special Events During Holidays?

Yes, Westland Mall often hosts holiday-specific events and sales, enhancing the festive spirit and offering shoppers great deals.

Westland Mall remains a testament to the evolution of shopping experiences. Whether you’re in Franklin Township or Hialeah, it promises a unique blend of retail, dining, and entertainment. Next time you’re planning a shopping trip or seeking legal advice from reputable firms like Friedland & Associates, remember to swing by Westland Mall, located in Franklin Township, OH 43228, for an unparalleled experience.

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