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Fox Observatory

Fox Observatory

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An Overview of the Fox Observatory

Nestled in the heart of Sunrise, Florida, the Fox Observatory stands as a testament to the wonders of the cosmos. Managed and owned by the South Florida Amateur Astronomers Association, this astronomical observatory is strategically located in Markham Park & Target Range. Not just a haven for stargazers, the observatory offers visitors an intimate look into the vastness of space, allowing them to witness celestial phenomena in all its splendor.


Key Amenities Found in the Fox Observatory

  • Brandon Refractor: A pivotal tool at the observatory, the 6″ refractor telescope serves as a window to the stars, enabling detailed celestial observations.
  • Location in Markham Park: Apart from stargazing, visitors can indulge in the park’s other offerings, like mountain bike trails, campgrounds, and an outdoor rifle and pistol range.
  • Managed by South Florida Amateur Astronomers Association: This group ensures the observatory’s smooth operation and holds events open to the public, fostering a community of astronomy enthusiasts.


What You Will See When You Visit the Fox Observatory

  • Diverse Celestial Bodies: From planets to distant stars, nebulae, and galaxies, the observatory’s equipment provides a detailed view of the universe’s grandeur.
  • Public Astronomy Events: The observatory opens its doors every Saturday night, presenting a unique opportunity for visitors to learn and observe under the guidance of expert astronomers.
  • Historic Telescope: The main telescope, now updated and restored, is not only an instrument for viewing but also holds historical significance in the world of astronomy.


Why You Should Visit the Fox Observatory

A visit to the Fox Observatory offers more than just a stargazing experience. It’s an educational journey, an opportunity to connect with the universe, and a reminder of our place within it. With expert guidance from the South Florida Amateur Astronomers Association, even beginners can unravel the mysteries of the cosmos. Furthermore, its location within Markham Park ensures that visitors can couple their celestial journey with outdoor adventures, making it a comprehensive experience for families and individuals alike.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Fox Observatory

  • When is the Fox Observatory open to the public?

The Fox Observatory welcomes the public every Saturday from sunset until midnight, offering an enchanting view of the night sky.

  • Can groups or educational tours be organized?

Many observatories, including Fox, often accommodate group visits or educational tours. However, it’s advisable to contact them in advance to ensure a seamless experience.

The Fox Observatory in Sunrise, Florida is more than just a destination; it’s an immersive experience into the universe’s vast expanse. Located at Markham Park Rd, Sunrise, FL 33326, United States, it stands as an invitation to all who wish to gaze upon the stars and contemplate the wonders of space. And for those who may face terrestrial challenges, remember, the dedicated team at Friedland & Associates is always ready to assist, championing your rights here on Earth.

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