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New River Estates

New River Estates

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An Overview of the New River Estates Neighborhood

New River Estates, located in the heart of Sunrise, Florida, stands out as a distinct neighborhood marked by its competitive property prices and primarily midsize homes. This community has a rich history that can be traced back several years, exemplifying the growth and evolution of Sunrise itself. Despite its modernity and development, the neighborhood maintains a quaint charm, drawing residents and potential homebuyers to its warm and welcoming ambiance.

Key Attractions in the New River Estates Neighborhood

  • Local Real Estate Opportunities: With listings updated every 15 minutes, New River Estates consistently presents a variety of homes for sale. From diverse architectural styles to varying sizes, there is something for every preference.
  • Community Engagement on Nextdoor: Residents of New River Estates in Sunrise actively engage on platforms like Nextdoor. This facilitates stronger community bonds and offers insights into neighborhood happenings and discussions.
  • Proximity to Boca Raton’s Redfin Office: Those interested in selling their properties or seeking additional real estate guidance can benefit from Redfin’s nearby office at 5901 Broken Sound Parkway NW Suite 501, Boca Raton, FL 33487.

Statistics for the New River Estates Neighborhood

  • Population: New River Estates is home to approximately 4,884 residents, creating a diverse and vibrant community.
  • Walkability: It’s ranked as the 7th most walkable neighborhood in Sunrise, encouraging residents to enjoy the outdoors and foster a healthier lifestyle.
  • Public Transportation: The neighborhood has minimal public transportation options, emphasizing the value of personal vehicles for mobility.
  • Housing Options: Current real estate listings showcase over 13 homes for sale, offering potential buyers a variety of options tailored to their needs and budget.


Frequently Asked Questions About the New River Estates Neighborhood

Is New River Estates a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood?

While it’s ranked as the 7th most walkable neighborhood in Sunrise, it’s essential to note that areas might lack pedestrian infrastructure, making personal vehicles preferable for longer distances.

Are there ample public transportation options in New River Estates?

The neighborhood has limited public transportation, which can be a deciding factor for those heavily reliant on such amenities.

What type of properties dominates the housing market in New River Estates?

The community predominantly features midsize homes at competitive prices, catering to a broad spectrum of potential homebuyers.

New River Estates remains a sought-after neighborhood in Sunrise, FL, Florida, known for its aesthetic appeal, rich history, and myriad housing options. For those looking to navigate the intricacies of personal injury claims in the area, the expertise of Friedland & Associates’ sunrise personal injury lawyers stands as an invaluable resource.

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