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Sunrise Golf Village

Sunrise Golf Village

Dedicated to preserving the cornerstones of our legal system, Friedland & Associates takes pride in their relentless pursuit of justice. With an unwavering commitment to the community and its clients, the firm works diligently to manage litigation matters in both State and Federal courts. The team, including their sunrise personal injury lawyers, is motivated by the belief that justice can be achieved through assertive representation, irrespective of one’s economic position or societal status.


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An Overview of the Sunrise Golf Village Neighborhood

Sunrise Golf Village, situated in Sunrise, Florida, stands as a testament to tranquil suburban living combined with the allure of Florida’s natural beauty. Primarily characterized by midsize homes, this neighborhood is not just an epitome of comfortable living but also offers homes at remarkably reasonable prices, making it an attractive choice for many families and individuals alike.

The origins of the Sunrise Golf Village trace back to the city of Sunrise. Initially recognized as Sunrise Golf Village, it later became a pivotal city within the Miami metropolitan area. Its legacy, intertwined with the city’s rich history, contributes to its present-day charm.


Key Attractions in the Sunrise Golf Village Neighborhood

  • Sunrise Golf Village Park: An inviting recreational space located at 1277 Sunset Strip in Sunrise, this park offers a welcoming environment for residents to relax, play, and bond. With a capacity to accommodate over 100 people, it’s a popular spot for community gatherings.
  • Real Estate Virtual Tours: Potential homebuyers or curious minds can immerse themselves in virtual real estate tours showcasing homes in Sunrise Golf Village East and West. Websites like offer glimpses into the myriad of homes available for purchase.
  • Community Interactions on Nextdoor: The platform Nextdoor provides residents with a chance to interact, discuss community events, and more. It’s a digital hub where Sunrise Golf Village II neighbors in Sunrise can connect and share.


Statistics for the Sunrise Golf Village Neighborhood

  • Housing Variety: There are a significant number of homes available in different parts of the neighborhood. With 86 homes listed in Sunrise Golf Village East and 32 in Sunrise Golf Village West, potential homeowners have a variety to choose from.
  • Home Prices: Homes in Sunrise Golf Village East have been listed for prices such as $340,000 for a 2-bedroom, 1-bath property. Moreover, some homes even offer amenities like pools and garages at prices well below market value.
  • Walkability: Sunrise Golf Village East boasts a Walk Score of 39, indicating it as minimally walkable. This suggests that while some errands can be accomplished on foot, residents may rely on vehicles for most tasks.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Sunrise Golf Village Neighborhood

  • Is Sunrise Golf Village a safe place to live?

It’s always recommended to consult local crime reports and speak with current residents to get a comprehensive understanding of safety in any neighborhood.

  • Are there any HOA fees associated with homes in Sunrise Golf Village?

Some properties, like a spacious 2/2 pool home mentioned in the search results, highlight the absence of HOA fees, suggesting that not all homes in the area have such charges.

  • How accessible is public transport in Sunrise Golf Village?

The walkability score suggests that most residents may rely on personal vehicles. However, for specifics about public transportation, potential residents should check with local transportation authorities.

Sunrise Golf Village, with its serene environment, affordable homes, and rich history, continues to be an appealing choice for many. Whether you are looking to invest, find a new home, or simply explore, this neighborhood in Sunrise, FL, has much to offer. And for those who might find themselves in need of legal services in the region, remember that Friedland & Associates, especially their sunrise personal injury lawyers, stand ready to provide unwavering support and aggressive representation.

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