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Tao Sawgrass

Tao Sawgrass

Friedland & Associates takes pride in its dedication to serving the community with exceptional legal assistance. Situated in the heart of Florida, this firm boasts a team of sunrise personal injury lawyers who exhibit relentless passion and aggression when managing litigation cases in both State and Federal courts.

Prioritizing their client’s needs and safeguarding the community’s legal rights, Friedland & Associates believes in the power of justice achievable through vigilant representation. They defend our valued jury system and assist aggrieved individuals in finding redress, ensuring justice remains accessible to all.

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An Overview of the Tao Sawgrass Neighborhood

Sunrise, a vibrant city in Broward County, Florida, plays host to the illustrious Tao Sawgrass. This neighborhood, situated at 2681 N Flamingo Rd, stands out not just for its residential offerings but also for its strategic location. The community lies within the 33323 ZIP Code and is a part of the Broward attendance zone. The Residences of Sawgrass Mill, sometimes known as Tao, is a suburban oasis characterized by its ideal balance of residential tranquility and urban convenience.


Key Attractions in the Tao Sawgrass Neighborhood

  • Tao Sawgrass Luxury Outlet Stores: This shopping haven is a stone’s throw from the residences, providing access to high-end brands and retail outlets. Residents and visitors enjoy the luxury of proximity to some of the finest shopping opportunities in the region.
  • Equestrian Park: A perfect spot for families and nature enthusiasts. The park features vast open spaces, a dedicated playground, and scenic walking paths, making it an outdoor haven amidst the urban surroundings.
  • Sawgrass Mills Mall: Known for its vast selection of shops and eateries, this major shopping center is easily accessible from Tao Sawgrass, ensuring residents never run out of entertainment and shopping options.


Statistics for the Tao Sawgrass Neighborhood

  • Housing Details: Tao Sawgrass, besides its scenic appeal, offers luxury high-rise condominiums. With diverse unit options and designs, potential homeowners and renters have a plethora of choices to match their preferences.
  • Population Density: The Tao Sawgrass region is classified as a suburban neighborhood, indicative of a balanced population that’s neither too crowded nor too sparse.
  • Cost of Living: Given its premium location and amenities, the cost of living in Tao Sawgrass is on par with other luxury communities in Florida. It promises a blend of comfort, convenience, and luxury.
  • Employment Rates: The neighborhood’s proximity to major commercial hubs ensures residents have ample employment opportunities, contributing to a healthy employment rate in the area.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Tao Sawgrass Neighborhood

  • Is Tao Sawgrass near any major highways?

Yes, Tao Sawgrass enjoys the advantage of easy accessibility due to its proximity to major highways, ensuring residents can commute effortlessly to other parts of Florida.

  • What educational institutions are close to the neighborhood?

Tao Sawgrass is situated near several reputed schools, providing families with diverse educational options for their children.

  • How is the safety and security in Tao Sawgrass?

The neighborhood prioritizes the safety and well-being of its residents. Regular security patrols and a vigilant community contribute to a secure living environment.

Tao Sawgrass, located in the heart of Sunrise, Florida, offers an enticing blend of residential luxury and urban convenience. Whether it’s shopping at high-end outlets, taking a peaceful stroll in Equestrian Park, or enjoying the close-knit community vibe, Tao Sawgrass promises a unique living experience. If, by chance, residents face any challenges, they can always rely on local services such as the dedicated team of Sunrise personal injury lawyers at Friedland & Associates, always ready to provide unparalleled legal assistance.

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