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Waterside Villas

Waterside Villas

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An Overview of Waterside Villas

Waterside Villas, situated in the scenic city of Sunrise, Florida, stands out for its cozy homes that are priced affordably. This tranquil neighborhood not only offers residents an assortment of home styles and sizes but also ensures that they get value for their money.

Being a prominent residential area in Sunrise, Waterside Villas is renowned for its sense of community. The homes in this neighborhood are sought-after due to their reasonable pricing, coupled with the serene environment that the area provides.


Key Attractions in the Waterside Villas Neighborhood

  • Waterfront Villas: Within Waterside Villas is the unique offering of waterfront villas, which provide residents with picturesque views and the tranquility of being close to water. Such properties, like the one located at 3132 NW 84th Ave, highlight the neighborhood’s charm and attraction.
  • Variety of Home Styles: The neighborhood features an array of beautiful home styles, allowing potential homeowners to choose based on their preferences. Whether one is looking for contemporary or classic architecture, Waterside Villas has it all.
  • Proximity to Rental Properties: For those not ready to buy, there are 369 rentals within 3 miles of Waterside Villas, as provided by This makes it convenient for individuals seeking temporary accommodation while enjoying the neighborhood’s ambiance.


Statistics for Waterside Villas

  • Housing: The neighborhood prides itself on offering homes at affordable prices. While there are moments when no homes are available for sale, there’s a consistent flow of real estate activity, with properties being updated every 15 minutes on some platforms.
  • Cost of Living: Given the reasonable pricing of homes, it’s evident that Waterside Villas offers a cost of living that is accommodating to a wide range of income levels.
  • HOA Fees: Homes like the waterfront villa at 3132 NW 84th Ave boast very low Homeowners Association (HOA) fees, which is beneficial for residents seeking to minimize monthly costs.


Frequently Asked Questions About Waterside Villas

  • Are there any homes currently available for sale in Waterside Villas?

While at certain times, there might be no homes listed for sale, real estate listings are updated regularly. Potential buyers are encouraged to check platforms like and Zillow for the most recent listings.

  • What distinguishes Waterside Villas from other neighborhoods?

Waterside Villas stands out for its reasonably priced cozy homes, waterfront villas, and variety of home styles. The neighborhood offers both a serene environment and a sense of community to its residents.

  • How close is Waterside Villas to other key locations in Florida?

Waterside Villas is situated in Sunrise, FL, placing it in close proximity to Fort Lauderdale and other essential locales in Broward County.

Waterside Villas in Sunrise, Florida, offers potential homeowners and renters a unique blend of affordability, variety, and scenic beauty. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or looking to relocate, this neighborhood promises a peaceful and welcoming environment. And if you ever find yourself in need of legal services, remember that the Sunrise personal injury lawyers at Friedland & Associates are always ready to provide exceptional representation.

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