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Friedland & Associates is a prominent legal firm dedicated to delivering outstanding legal assistance by managing litigation aggressively in both State and Federal Courts. This establishment stands firm in its commitment to serving the community and clients with paramount service. They place a strong emphasis on the bedrock principles of our legal system, advocating for the consistent and robust protection of legal rights.

With a team of skilled Sunrise personal injury lawyers, they ardently protect the jury system, allowing those affected to seek judicial remedies. At Friedland & Associates, they champion justice, irrespective of economic stature or community reputation, through proactive representation.


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An Overview of the Welleby Neighborhood

Welleby, a picturesque community located in Sunrise, Florida, is a tranquil neighborhood that blends suburban charm with urban convenience. Not far from the bustling heart of Fort Lauderdale, it offers residents and visitors the perfect mix of recreation, shopping, and residential space. A unique characteristic of Welleby is its strong community spirit, bolstered by the various amenities and services tailored to enhance the lives of its residents.

In the heart of Welleby, one can find a blend of residential homes, parks, shopping centers, and educational institutions. These facilities are strategically placed to cater to the varying needs of the community, making it an ideal community for families, professionals, and retirees alike.


Key Attractions in the Welleby Neighborhood

  • Welleby Park: A prominent attraction in Plantation, Welleby Park spans nearly 29 acres, making it one of the largest parks in the city. The park is a popular spot utilized by many residents and visitors for recreational purposes.
  • Welleby Square Shopping Center: Situated in Broward County, this shopping center provides an array of shopping options.
  • Welleby Elementary School: Nestled in Sunrise, Welleby Elementary School stands as an institution offering quality education. Set in a small city environment, the school holds a significant place in the hearts of many residents.


Statistics for the Welleby Neighborhood

  • Housing: Properties in Welleby range from single-family homes to larger estate properties. One notable property is a 4/2.5 single-family home situated on a lake, boasting an expansive lot size of over 10,000 sqft.
  • Population: Welleby, being part of Sunrise, FL, contributes to the city’s population, which has seen consistent growth over the years due to its attractiveness as a residential hub.
  • Cost of Living: As with most suburban communities, the cost of living in Welleby is relatively moderate, providing a balance between affordability and access to amenities.
  • Employment Rates: Welleby benefits from its proximity to major employment centers in and around Fort Lauderdale, offering residents ample job opportunities across various sectors.


Frequently Asked Questions About Welleby

  • Is Welleby ideal for families?

Yes, Welleby is perfect for families. With its parks, schools, and safe neighborhoods, it provides a nurturing environment for children and adults alike.

  • How accessible is public transport in Welleby?

Welleby, being a part of Sunrise, is well-connected by public transport. Residents can easily access Fort Lauderdale and other parts of Broward County.

  • Are there ample recreational facilities in Welleby?

Absolutely! Apart from the vast Welleby Park, the community has other recreational spots and is in proximity to various entertainment options in Broward County.

Welleby, with its captivating charm, offers residents a mix of tranquility and convenience. The neighborhood stands as a testament to community spirit and holistic living. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, the community has something to offer for everyone. And if ever the need arises for legal representation, especially in personal injury cases, remember that the seasoned Sunrise personal injury lawyers at Friedland & Associates are always ready to assist.

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“I felt like this law firm actually cared and fought for me! I was really impressed on how diligent they were working on my whole case. Thank you Friedland & Associates team, I would also like to say Thank you to Sukie for assisting me”

A. C.

“Friedland and Associates are one of the best law-firms in Broward County. They always are very friendly and understanding. It’s always a pleasure when speaking with them they make everything super easy unlike other law-firms in the area!”


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