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Words to Choose Carefully at Your Car Collision Scene

Words to Choose Carefully at Your Car Collision Scene

Choosing Words Wisely at Car Collision Scenes

After a motor vehicle collision, you may feel overwhelmed and disoriented. During this confusing and stressful time, you must be cautious of what you do and say. Unfortunately, what you say at the scene of a car accident can have a major impact on your case, should you decide to pursue compensation by filing a lawsuit against the other driver or third party.

Knowing what to avoid saying and doing can help protect your legal rights and your lawsuit.

What to Avoid Saying at the Scene of An Auto Accident

After a car crash, adrenaline may be coursing through your body. You may feel angry, disoriented, or severely stressed. During this time, you may say things that can hurt your chances of recovering the award you deserve for an accident that was caused by the negligence of another driver.

At an auto accident scene, to protect your rights, avoid saying the following:

I’m Sorry

Never apologize to the other driver. This can be considered an admission of fault. The other party can use this against you, should you decide to pursue compensation by filing a lawsuit against them.

I Didn’t See You

Avoid telling the other driver you didn’t see them or that they came out of nowhere. This can imply that you were not paying attention and your lack of attention is what resulted in the auto accident.

I’m Not Injured

Whether you’re speaking to law enforcement or the other driver, avoid saying you were uninjured, even if you believe at the time that you were not. There are certain injuries that may not present signs or symptoms for several hours or days following an accident. You must seek medical treatment and have your condition evaluated by a medical professional. At the accident scene, if you say you were not injured the other driver can use this information against you.

What to Avoid Doing After a Car Crash

Personal injury protection insurance will cover a portion of medical costs and lost wages, regardless of which driver was at fault. However, if you suffered a serious injury and want to pursue compensation by filing a lawsuit, you must avoid:

Posting About Your Accident on Social Media

Do not post photos or discuss your accident on social media. A defense attorney may be monitoring your social media activity and will search for proof that your injuries are not as severe as you claim they are.

Missing Doctor’s Appointments

Always make it to every doctor’s appointment. Missing one or more appointments, especially without rescheduling can give the defense the impression that you are not severely injured.

Ignoring Your Doctor’s Restrictions

Due to the severity of your injuries, your doctor may restrict you from lifting anything over ten pounds, twenty pounds, etc, may recommend bed rest, and may not allow you to return to work. You must follow your doctor’s treatment instructions carefully, otherwise, the defense can use this against you.

Handling Your Lawsuit Without Legal Representation

While you can pursue a lawsuit without the help of a car accident lawyer, doing so can be challenging, especially if you have suffered life-changing injuries and other damages. A car accident lawyer will know how to investigate your accident, negotiate for a fair settlement, or present your case before a judge and jury. Additionally, they can help guide you throughout the entire legal process and prevent you from making mistakes that could be harmful to your case.

While a car accident attorney handles every aspect of your case, you can focus on your recovery and moving on with your life.

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